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One in three businesses identify customer engagement biggest Covid-19 challenge

Paul Lipscombe
July 30, 2020

The data from Esendex found that 40 per cent of businesses’ surveyed have moved to remote working since the lockdown

New data reveals that one in three businesses have identified customer engagement as the business Covid-19 challenge.

A report from telecoms provider Esendex found customer engagement is the toughest challenge for businesses currently (37 per cent).

Reduced demand (24pc) and safely managing their workforce (14pc) were also revealed as significant challenges.

The Esendex report also highlighted how companies have transitioned during this time of uncertainty.

It found that 40pc of businesses have moved to remote working, while just 22pc are operating as ‘usual’.

One-fifth of organisations have had to temporarily close, with this figure hitting 35pc in the retail sector.

Esendex senior brand development manager Amy Robinson commented: “The statistics show just how difficult the current climate is. Business leaders have a lot to think about – how to stay operational, how to navigate the challenges of mass remote working, how to keep employees safe and how to keep customers engaged.

The data surveyed 350 global businesses and examined the challenges and impact of Covid-19.

The education, financial services and healthcare sectors have been the hardest hit when it has come to implementing remote working.

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