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Onecom strikes £1.7 million broadband deal with CityFibre

Alex Yau
September 12, 2016

The deal will see Onecom provide broadband speeds of up to 125Mbps to more than 150 businesses throughout Southend-On-Sea

Leading Vodafone partner Onecom has signed a £1.7 million deal with internet service provider CityFibre to provide high-speed broadband to more than 150 businesses throughout Southend-On-Sea.

The partnership was announced today (September 12). Whiteley-based Onecom claimed it will make it “one of the key internet service provider partners for CityFibre’s Southend-On-Sea network.” The new infrastructure is currently under construction, but it is expected to be finished by Q1 next year. Southend will join the likes of Peterborough, Coventry, York, Aberdeen, Edinburgh and Glasgow in the growing list of Gigabit Cities.

CityFibre’s Gigabit City project launched in 2013 with the aim of connecting businesses throughout the UK with internet speeds of up to 125Mbps. Businesses in Southend will get fibre-to-the-premises connectivity, meaning broadband will be linked directly to them. This is much faster than the alternative fibre-to-the-cabinet link, which spreads broadband to surrounding premises from a cabinet.

Onecom CEO Darren Ridge said: “CityFibre’s network will bring unrivalled connection speed and reliability for Southend’s businesses, and is ideal for delivering Onecom’s seamless internet services and unified communications solutions.

“CityFibre has an excellent reputation for delivering cutting-edge networks and is a perfect partner for Onecom.”

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