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Online sales of mobile’s up in excess of 10 per cent in 2010

Mobile News
January 26, 2011

Record amount of handsets now purchased online in Europe according to new data backed up by online retailers

Seven per cent of all mobile phones bought in Europe in 2010 where purchased online according to new data published by market research agency GFK.

This is rise in excess of 10 per cent year-on-year.

According to the report, smartphones are more likely to be purchased online with about one in every five devices being sold this way. owner Paul Sisson agrees with the figures – his online only company recorded a 62 per cent increase in sales over the last 12 months.

“An increase in the number of people buying phones online can be attributed partly to the growing popularity of internet shopping, as well as the fact that online prices can be kept lower than high street prices due to the absence of overheads,” Sisson said.

“We hope to see this trend continue throughout 2011 and believe that online purchasing will become more dominant as time goes on.”

Despite online growth European channels continue to be dominated by ‘traditional’ sellers.

Telecom specialists accounting for 70 per cent of sales, consumer electronic companies for 17 per cent and non specialists accounting for 12 per cent of sales.

GFK telco marketing director Aaron Rattue said: “The increased importance of pre-launch orders and the sophistication of consumer shopping habits have fuelled online demand.

“For several years now the internet has been a key source of high ticket technical goods and it will continue to have a significant influence on the sales of mid to top level phones.”

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