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Oppo strikes partnership with Vodafone across European markets

Paul Lipscombe
May 18, 2020

Oppo is the fifth-biggest smartphone vendor in the world and launched in the UK last year 

Chinese vendor Oppo has announced it has a struck a partnership with Vodafone across Europe to enhance its presence in the region.

The partnership with the operator means that Oppo will enter a number of Vodafone’s European markets.

Vodafone will provide more availability of Oppo’s handsets than previously seen in the region.

It sets out strong intentions from Oppo, which only entered Europe in 2018, and in the UK last February.

Oppo claimed 8.3 per cent market share for global smartphone sales last year, making it the fifth biggest vendor.

The company grew 812 per cent year-on-year in 2019.

Vodafone will introduce Oppo products across retail channels in the UK, Germany, Spain, Portugal, Romania, Turkey and The Netherlands as part of the first phase of the agreement.

5G Vision

Oppo has moved to work with the operator due to its strong 5G capabilities.

Oppo vice president and president of global sales Alen Wu said: “Vodafone’s vision that ‘we connect for a better future’ aligns with OPPO’s value of ‘Benfen’ – to do the right thing and provide real value to customers.”

Vodafone Group chief commercials operations and strategy officer Ahmed Essam says the operator will be able to help customers experience the full potential of 5G.

“Vodafone’s partnership with Oppo brings together their attractive product portfolio with our growing strength in 5G to our markets across Europe and beyond.”

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