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Orange updates animal prepay rewards

Mobile News
September 3, 2010

Orange updates prepay animal packages with new top-up rewards

Operator Orange is to offer customers subscribing to its prepay animal plans a new range of top-up rewards.

Subscribers to the Monkey plan will be given free texts and a daily internet pass redeemable from Orange World within a 30-day period when they top-up £5 a month.

Canary customers will receive 100 free evening and weekend texts or photo messages on top of their existing 100 free evening and weekend calls when they top-up £10 a month.

The Racoon prepay package has been updated to offer a flat rate call charge of 12p per minute, which Orange said is its lowest.

Camel prepay customers will receive free international minutes when they top-up. Customers topping up £30 will receive up to 240 international minutes to over 50 countries for free if they top up by £30.

Orange has now launched its Camel plan as a contract proposition, which will run as a trial for two months. From £20 a month, customers receive 400 anytime minues, unlimited texts and 100 international minutes.

In addition, Monkey and Dolphin prepay customers are now able to purchase an unlimited text extra bundle for £5 a month, which reduces the cost of a text message from 10-12p to 3p per text.

Everything Everywhere vice president of Orange propositions Pippa Dunn said: “We have enhanced our prepay animal packages to ensure we meet our customers’ changing needs and continuously provide good value.”

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