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Phonebox backs Sprint for tracking service

Michael Garwood
September 29, 2010

Sprint expects more “large” dealers to sign up to resell white-label tracking proposition

Sprint Communications has partnered with Solihull-based dealer Phonebox Communications to sell its white label tracking solution.

Basildon-based Sprint launched its tracking products and service last year, selling through its 12 franchise partners. Phonebox is the first of its broader distribution strategy.

Phonebox will provide SIM fulfilment for each product and charge for it on its own billing platform.

Sprint has launched distinct vehicle, person and object tracking products in the past 12 months, which it says will enable businesses to better comply with duty-of-care obligations and the 2007 Corporate Manslaughter Act.

Handheld lone worker devices include GPS tracking and a panic button. Products have already been approved by the AA. Sprint has been named a “preferred partner” by BT.

Sprint is also offering dealers a bespoke version of its Sprint Assist tracking website, which provides customers with the ability to view vehicle details, including the driver’s name, registration, location, destination, route, distance travelled, average speed and stoppages. An alert facility is enabled to inform employers if staff go off route.

Dealers can manage customer queries themselves or route them via Sprint, which has set up a technical support team of eight staff based in Southend.

Dealers can set fees for the service themselves.

Managing director Paul Leonard expects to sign other “large” dealers in due course, and will put the product before operators as it gets established.

He said: “We wanted to make available a bespoke and brand-able solution for larger dealers who may have their own billing platforms.

“It enables them to bill it out as their own tracking solution. As part of the deal we create and provide them with a website to brand, which gives customers access to the full suite of services.

“We also decided to give them a technical support option, in case they prefer to route enquiries via us. It gives the dealers their own tracking solution to promote their brand and gain new revenue, without the high cost normally associated.”

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