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Phones 4U unveils handset exclusives

Mobile News
January 14, 2011

Phones 4U has exclusive rights to three new handsets all aimed at the younger part of its client base

Retailer Phones 4U today announced the launch of three exclusive handsets – the Georgio Armani Samsung Galaxy S, the Samsung Wave 2 in silver and the BlackBerry Torch 9800 in white.

All three handsets are targeted at the company’s young client base.

The branded Samsung Galaxy S of which only 800 will be available is priced at £49.96 per month with a one off £49.95 cost at purchase.

The BlackBerry Torch will cost £35.75 per month and the Samsung Wave 2 £20.42 a month over 24 months.

Phones 4U marketing director Russell Braterman said the unveiling of exclusive handsets was vital to address the demand for unique handsets from a young clientèle.

Braterman said: “We have a high audience index of 16 to 24 year olds which is a very demanding audience in terms of having the latest and greatest colour exclusives,”

“For this audience having a different coloured handset is about making a statement and we feel that due to the fact all of these handsets have been good sellers it was an obvious decision to offer a wider and deeper range to our target market.”

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