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Samsung and Huawei among most boycotted brands in UK

Paul Lipscombe
July 9, 2019

Samsung’s ‘exploding’ Note 7 and Huawei ‘spying accusations’ play on consumers’ minds

A study has found that Samsung and Huawei are at the top of a list for the most boycotted brands by consumers in the UK.

The research carried
out by
surveyed 2,500 Britons and revealed that Samsung with 35 per cent and
Huawei (34 per cent) were the most boycotted technology brands.

According to the study
two-thirds of Brits have boycotted a brand at least once in the last
five years, with technology brands (33 per cent) the most avoided.

Samsung’s image wasn’t helped due to the saga of exploding Note 7 smartphones in 2016 with 61 per cent giving this as the reason to boycott the South Korean vendor.

Respondents also cited the ‘premature launch of new handsets’ (23 per cent), while the biggest concerns around Huawei were over allegations of spying (91 per cent). spokesperson George Charles said: “A brand needs to sit up and pay attention when a large group of people are choosing to boycott their brand, especially when it hits the media and has the potential to become a much bigger issue than what it started out as.

“Britons are known
for being brand loyal, but once a brand destroys their trust it takes
effort to win them back.”

The study also found
that while 14 per cent of consumers vowed never to return to a brand,
that just over a quarter (26 per cent) have returned to a brand they
once boycotted.

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