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Sky Connect launches full-fibre plans

Paul Lipscombe
January 20, 2022

Three FTTP packages have been launched, with a range of features included

Sky Connect has launched its Fibre-to-the-Premises (FTTP) service aimed at providing small businesses with an ultrafast broadband connection.

Sky Connect, which is Sky’s B2B telecom business, claims that the service can deliver speeds that are ’10 times faster than the UK’s average fibre broadband speeds’.

The telco has launched three FTTP packages, which includes Advantage, Ultrafast Pro and Ultrafast Max.

These packages include a variety of features including ‘Speed Flex’ which gives small businesses control to flex their speeds whilst in-contract as their business needs change.

Speeds can be boosted up to 500Mb and down again, as and when required.


Other features include dedicated UK-based account managers, 30-day money-back guarantee, 4G back-up and security in case of outages.

On top of this there’s also no premium pricing, flexible and fair contracts and unlimited phone calls.

Sky Connect managing director Kevin O’Toole said: “In today’s recovering economy, small businesses cannot afford to suffer from broadband disruption or connectivity issues.

Our new capability will support small businesses reliant on a flexible broadband connection, offering UK-based dedicated account managers who will be on hand to support business customers with their FTTP installation via their preferred communication channels.”

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