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Sky Mobile to sell connected Samsung laptops with SIM and data plan

Staff Reporter
April 11, 2023

Mobile News Awards winner Sky Mobile is adding connected laptops with their own SIM plan and data allowance to its range of available devices.

The range launching includes four new Samsung-connected laptop models. These are the Chromebook GO LTE, Chromebook2 360 LTE, two Windows laptops, the Galaxy Book2 Go 5G and Galaxy Book3 Pro 360 5G.

Connected laptop customers can roll over unused data each month so customers won’t lose what they don’t use. They can share the unused data with other SIMs on their account, or put it towards upgrades and accessories. Customers can roll any spare data between their mobile SIM and their laptop SIM.

Prices start from £11 a month, with flexible 36 or 48-month payment plans and zero interest. Data plans start from £0 for 100MB, ranging to £26 for 75GB, and existing Sky Mobile

Customers will now be able to get Sky Mobile benefits like Roll and Mix on their laptop devices, where they won’t lose any of the data they’ve bought and can change their data plan without compromising the quality of the tech. They no longer need to wait until the end of their contract to get the latest laptop but can upgrade whenever it suits them”, said Paul Sweeney, managing director of Sky Mobile.


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