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Sony sees mobile shipments drop to two million in Q1 results

Manny Pham
July 31, 2018

Sony revised its yearly shipment forecast from 10 million to nine million for 2018

Sony saw a 1.4 million shipment drop to two million devices compared to last year, according to its Q1 results published today (July 31).

In its 2018 Q1 results ending June 30, the Japanese manufacturer made YEN132.5 billion (£903m) down from YEN181.2 billion (£1.2bn) year-on-year.

Sony has revised its target for this year from 10 million to nine million by the end of this fiscal year. It attributed the negative revision down to the “decrease in sales” and “negative impact of foreign exchange rates”. For the whole of 2017 Sony sold 13.5 million handsets.

Sony as a whole posted positive results across its other sub-divisions showing healthy growth and taking £13.2 billion in revenue, up from £12.5 billion. The growth was spearheaded by its highest earning division, gaming, which took £3.2 billion in revenue.

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