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South East’s Cellular Solutions snapped up by Focus Group

Staff Reporter
May 3, 2024

Another week. another Focus Group acquisition. This time the latest addition to the Focus Group is Brighton and Hove mobile services and communications provider Cellular Solutions, set up in 1999.

Focus Group last month secured £21.3 million in investment funding from Hg Capital Trust, an investor in European and transatlantic software and services. 

The two founders of Focus and Cellular Solutions have known each other for more than 20 years.

“We’ve been knocking on Cellular’s door for years, clear in the knowledge it was a strong business and one with which we wanted to join forces said Focus Group, Co-Founder and Director Ralph Gilbert.

“They’re arguably one of the best teams out there and our long-standing friendship will provide the perfect foundation for an exciting future together.”

Focus Gorup and Cellular Solutions founders Ralph Gilbert (l) and Damian Mottram – known each other for 20 years.

Damian Mottram, Founder and CEO at Cellular Solutions added

“It was never rgoing to be an easy decision to sell such an incredible, high-quality mobile and fixed telecoms business that we and so many wonderful past and present people have poured energies into since 1999, the time is right and it has been the correct decision to head into the future with Focus Group. We have a deep-rooted respect for the Focus team. There has been a commonality of engagement and enjoyment in working within our marketplace combined with all-around long-standing positive relationships. We have absolutely no doubt they will take very good care of our people and our customers.”

Last week Focus Group bought Midland Telecom & IT.

Focus was founded in 2003 by Ralph Gilbert and Chris Goodman in Brighton and Hove. It has around 30,000 SME customers for its communications and software solutions, connectivity and value-added IT services.

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