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Success of new Samsung Flip and Fold hinges on new features and enhancements

Staff Reporter
July 26, 2023

Samsung has refreshed its Fold and Flip with the fifth generation dubbed the Galaxy Z Flip5 and Galaxy Z Fold5 that feature imrpoved hinges, cameras and displays with five years of security updates and four generations of OS upgrades to extend the product lifecycle.

The Galaxy Z Flip5 and Galaxy Z Fold5 will be on sale from 11th August. Enhanced trade-in offers are available on, with up to £650 available when trading in an eligible smartphone, in any condition

From $/£ conversion expect the Fold5 is tto be around £1,400 and Flip5 at around £800 for outright purchase, the same prices as the previous generation at launch.

The handsets will be available in a range of colours from Three: The Z Fold5 in Icy Blue, Cream & Phantom Black, and the Z Flip5 in Mint, Lavender, Graphite & Cream. Each will be available in a selection of memory variants

Galaxy Z Flip5

The Galaxy Z Flip5 has a display larger than the previous generation. When the device is closed, users can still access useful information Camera capabilities allow hands-free photos to be taken using an improved AI-powered image signal processing for better low-light photography, There is digital 10X zoom for clearer distance shots.

Flip5: AI-powered image signal processing for better low-light photography

Galaxy Z Fold5

The Galaxy Z Fold5 (main pic) supportsTaskbar, two-handed drag and drop, and an improved S Pen Fold Edition for interacting with the 7.6-inch main screen. Tje device is powered by the Snapdragon 8 Gen 2 Mobile Platformm offering enhaced graphics and AI enabled dynamic gaming and multi-game functionality. A double storage promotion offers with 512GB offered for the price of 256GB to anyone who orders before Aughust 10.

Analyst Parolo Pescatore says it will be challenging for Samsung to entice new users to the new Fold when the updates are not apaprewnt.

The ongoing challenge is getting users to upgrade, with what they perceive to be incremental improvements on previous models, particularly when most are tightening their belts.”that’s why it is increasingly being positioned as a productivity device.”

Samsung is the undisputed leader in foldables for now.However, rivals have heir own foldable devices. This is the next battleground as they all seek to lure users to premium high-end devices. While it still remains a nascent market, Samsung has demonstrated appetite for this exciting category.

 Other providers are investing resourcse to crack this market with different form factors. Eventually they will find a niche with specific segments driven by size, weight and features. All of this points to further innovation which will continue to accelerate over coming years. Google has bold ambitious plans to be a leader in this area. But Samsung has a huge head startand has pushed the boundaries with an impressive feat of engineering. Apple does not need to do anything right now. No doubt Apple is looking and working hard behind the scenes to bring novel devices to market. When it does, it will invigorate this segment and kickstart consumer demand for foldables”

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