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Tech Data goes after neglected emergency services sector

Alex Yau
October 16, 2014

Police, health service and military being targeted by Tech Data following extended agreement

Tech Data UK says it is going after a market segment that “no other mobile vendor has really targeted” after extending the range of products it can offer the emergency services.

The firm has announced an extended deal with Panasonic for its Toughbook range of rugged devices including tablets, notebooks and industrial handsets. The firm said it will build on an “already successful partnership” by working to raise awareness of the Toughbook line.

It believes that the product set can be sold into the police, emergency service first responders and the military by its resellers.

The range features the Toughpad 4K, a Windows-based tablet with has a screen resolution four times that of a HD 1080p display. It also has a 2.1Ghz processor, 16GB of RAM, extendable up to 256GB and a 5MP rear camera. It can withstand a 2.5 foot drop.

Other products include the Toughpad FZ-M1, a seven-inch Windows tablet and the Toughbook SX2, a laptop weighing just 3.1lb with a battery life of 14.5 hours.

“The Panasonic Toughbook range addresses a segment market that no other mobile vendor has really targeted and with our specific focus on the public sector, we see really good potential here with the Blue Light services in particular,” said Tech Data UK marketing services director Stewart Hayward.

“Panasonic offers excellent benefits and incentives and this is a great opportunity to take these ultra-durable systems out to a wider market.”

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