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Tech Data to launch new Chromebook programme

Alex Yau
January 6, 2017

The distributor claims Chromebook devices have been growing in appeal to both business and public sector users

Tech Data is to launch a serious of events and online programming designed to help promote and educate B2B reseller partners about Google Chromebook devices, such as the ASUS ‘Cave’ or Acer Chromebook R 11.

Chromebook products enable users to install and operate Android applications on them. The Basingstoke-based distributor claims recent compatibility with the Microsoft Office suite for Android has helped increase Chromebook appeal for both business and public sector users.

According to Global Markets Insight, sales of Chromebook devices worldwide are expected to grow from 5.3 million units in 2014 to a forecasted 17 million by 2023. Increasing demand for PCs in schools is forecast to be the major driver of this demand.

Further details about the events and programming are yet to be announced.

‘Attractive proposition’

Tech Data Google business development manager Matt Beresford said: “Chromebooks are easy to maintain and affordable. They are also extremely portable and much easier to manage. These are big advantages over traditional PCs.

“It is already possible for Chrome OS to run Android apps and access the Google Play Store and with the Office 365 access available as well, Chromebooks and other Chrome OS devices are a much more attractive proposition for everyday business use. It is easier to use a Chrome device offline and that’s really useful.”

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