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Tech Data launches trade-in service as it looks to take direct approach

Elliot Mulley-Goodbarne
May 25, 2017

Tech Data Renew will accept all mobile devices and majority of devices 

Tech Data has launched a new trade-in service for customers with mobiles, tablets, laptops and accessories as it looks to take a more direct approach in the sector.

The offering, ‘Tech Data Renew’ accepts all brands of mobile devices, the majority of tablets, MacBooks and accessories such as Apple Watch and Samsung Gear smartwatches.

Tech Data invested in Corporate Mobile Recycling (CMR) in June last year and acquired the company under the Tech Data trademark to process the devices that are traded in at its primary
distribution centre at Magna Park, Leicestershire.

CMR will be working with Tech Data to process all of the devices that come in via Tech Data Renew, pulling together software, processes and around 60 employees under the Tech Data logo.

Customers can request a quote for their device via InTouch, the Tech Data online platform, and use old devices to offset the price of a new device.

Tech Data commercial director of services for Europe Simon Smale (pictured) said: “Trade in is not new to Tech Data. Three years ago we started with different trade in schemes in partnerships across our European countries but we found that that partnership approach wasn’t bringing the returns we really wanted it to.

“In June last year, we invested in CMR which allows us to have a much stronger value offering because what Tech Data can now do is take products back and sell new ones.”

Device value

Based in Holborn, London, CMR resells and recycles 70,000 mobile phones a month in 10 countries including the UK, Spain, Croatia, France, Italy, Australia and the Nordics.

The recycling company will be allowed to run as a separate entity to Tech Data but those working on Tech Data Renew will be based in Magna Park as the distribution company look to cash in on the trade-in market.

“In the UK 22 million new devices were sold and there looks to be around a 20 per cent catch rate that are traded in and that rate is growing,” continued Smale.

“People are becoming more aware of the value they have in their devices and we are very happy with the progress and return that is being made at the moment.”

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