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The One Solution and Pangea harness IoT to boost smart container fleets for Israeli shipping company Loginno

Jasper Hart
July 18, 2019

The services are expected to go live early next year

Leeds-based dealer The
One Solution has partnered with IoT provider Pangea to deliver a
connectivity service to Loginno, an Israeli company that enables
smart containers for shipping companies.

Finalised last month,
the partnership will support Loginno’s Contopia offering, which
comprises a device that can be placed on a shipping container to
allow location tracking, and regulate temperature and air pressure.


The One Solution managing director Marshall Frieze said his company would act as “representative” in supplying Pangea’s IoT SIMs to Loginno.

“The M2M IoT area is developing and is really new,” said Frieze. “Without the relationship we’ve built with Pangea, we wouldn’t necessarily have been able to move forward.

“We need to be
flexible in our offerings and IoT allows you flexibility if you’ve
got the right partners on board.”

Smart fleet

Loginno has offered
Contopia to Brazilian logistics company Log-in Logistica Intermodal
as part of a competition last month, making it the first shipping
firm to have a full fleet of smart containers.

“We decided that we would take a smaller player but go all the way with a 100 per cent smart container fleet – a feat that no one has done before,” said Loginno CEO Shachar Tal.

Single solution

Pangea managing director Dan Cunliffe said: “We’ve managed to find a way to enable the container devices with one solution, which was quite challenging, because there are many different factors to consider around commercial and geographical matters, and around quality of information delivery.”

Frieze expects the
services to go live in early 2020.

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