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Three announces plans to boost 4G speeds by 50 per cent

James Pearce
October 19, 2015

Operator has switched on additional 1800MHz spectrum at sites across Northern England, West Midlands, Scotland and Northern Ireland, with the rest of the UK set to follow

Three has began rolling out additional spectrum in a move it claims will increase its 4G speeds by up to 50 per cent.

The operator is rolling out 5MHz of additional 1800MHz spectrum to help increase capacity and improve speeds on its 4G base.

The operator has already switched on the spectrum across in several locations, including all sites in Northern England, the West Midlands, Scotland and Northern Ireland. The rest of the UK, including London, will get access to the faster speeds at an undisclosed time following completion of the rollout, Three added.

Three chief technology officer Bryn Jones said: “Many of our 4G customers will already be enjoying a faster, more reliable experience at no extra cost. Our network processes a huge amount of data and we will continue to work hard on providing them with a service that delivers the reliability and speed that they need.”

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