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Three launches 4G B2B mobile contracts ‘Simply Business’

Manny Pham
July 17, 2018

Prices for the B2B monthly mobile contracts start from £7.50 to £17.50 per month

Three unveiled its 4G mobile contracts for small and medium-sized enterprises.

Simply Business contracts includes unlimited texts and minutes as well as free roaming in 71 countries.

The top offer Simply Business deal costs £17.50 per month on a two year contract and includes 40GB of data. 20GB data starts from £12.50 per month and the third tier includes 2GB of data from £7.50 per month.

The operator carried out research int SMEs and found such businesses rare increasingly dependent on mobile devices to function.

Mobile more important than computers

Its research was carried out on 1,000 firms (in May) and found 81 per cent agreed the latest smartphone fulfilled most business needs, while around a quarter 26 per cent said they have more reliable or faster internet on a smartphone compared to fixed broadband.

Around two thirds (63pc) said that mobiles were important for their jobs ahead of laptops (51pc) or a desktop (49pc).

41 percent expected to rely more on their mobile device in the next year, but one in five (23 percent) said that they found mobile phone packages complicated.

Three chief commercial officer Richard Woodward said: “At Three, we recognise that today more than ever, great value, reliable and easy access to technology is crucial to help small businesses succeed, whether they are at home, abroad or on the move. Our new Simply Business offering is intended to meet that need. From young start-ups, to microbusinesses, to local family firms, Simply Business allows SMEs to keep their business connected and their costs down by offering more data to meet their growth.”

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