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Three quarters of gaming households frustrated by broadband connection

Paul Lipscombe
May 24, 2019

Almost two-thirds of households contain people who spend two hours a day gaming

New research has revealed that more than three quarters of households with gamers aren’t satisfied with their broadband connection. 

The study carried out by uSwitch found that 77 per cent of gamers think their broadband isn’t sufficient, while nearly two-thirds of households (61pc) have gamers who spend around two hours every day gaming. 

Intermittent internet connection (37pc), video buffering (35pc) and slow loading pages (34pc) are the three most common issues for gamers. 

The research also revealed that more than half of adult-only houses (52pc) regularly play games online, dispelling the myth that gaming is for the younger generation. 

Gaming has also contributed towards tensions within households, with one in five people concerned that too much time is being spent on games, while 12pc worry about in-game purchases. 

One in six of respondents are using broadband that provides speeds of less than 30Mbps, but are still experiencing problems with lag.

uSwitch broadband expert Ernest Doku said: “It’s no surprise that gaming households particularly struggle with speed-related issues like the internet dropping out and video buffering, although it is worth noting that speed isn’t the only factor when it comes to making the shot before you get shot. 

“It is worth checking what your ping rate is, as even gamers with superfast services, offering the regulator’s minimum speeds of 30Mbps, might find particularly laggy servers ruining their gaming experience.

“It’s really important for households to weigh up how much bandwidth they’re likely to need when choosing a broadband package.” 

Over 2,000 UK adults were sampled by uSwitch between May 10 and May 13. 

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