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Three wins Ookla fastest 5G network Speed Award for six months of last year

Staff Reporter
January 10, 2023

Results collated from around a million user-generated tests from iOS and Android app

Three had the fastest 5G network in the latter half of last year according to web testing and network diagnostics company Ookla which is known for its application.

Three achieved a winning Speed Score of 243.18, with average download speeds of 282.53 Mbps and average upload speeds of 12.92 Mbps in Q3 and Q4.

Vodafone came second with a score of 124.47 followed by EE (111.69) and O2 (72.08).

Ookla compared around a million user-initiated 5G tests taken on the iOS and Android speediest mobile app across all carriers. The tests were generated from 295,713 devices.

Results collated from around a million user-generated speed tests on mobile app

Three generated the fastest download speeds in London, Birmingham and Manchester with download speeds of around 280 Mbps. Then came Vodafone with an average of 141Mbps, EE with 124Mbps, and O2 with 99.91 Mbps

The Speedtest Awards looks at operators that provide service for a high number of customers in that geographic area.

Ookla aggregates consumer-initiated tests taken with Speedtest after they have gone through a ‘sample construction’ process that creates data points used for advanced statistical analysis. Each sample represents the cumulative test results for each unique device/user for each location, per calendar day.

“This approach improves data accuracy and reduces bias from factors like repeated testing from the same device during a short period. It is also one of the many tactics Ookla takes to prevent any external skewing of Speedtest data that may aim to produce fraudulent or inaccurate results”, said the company.

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