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Transatel announces 7 new MVNO deals in the UK

Saf Malik
May 20, 2021

Announcement follows Transatel’s renewed partnership with BT Wholesale

BT Wholesale partner Transatel has revealed it has signed seven new MVNO deals in the UK.

The announcement follows Transatel’s recent renewed partnership with BT and the companies come from a broad spread of industries.

The companies stepping into the MVNO market with Transatel include Yorkshire-based PopIT and UK TELL which largely caters to the UK’s Bangladeshi community.

CINOS and 9eons also now offer their own Unified Communications SIM service through Transatel’s Fixed Mobile Convergence Service (FMC) offering.

Transatel CEO Jacques Bonifay said: “Transatel has been enabling MVNOs in the UK for the past 12 years, and this experience allows us to know what it takes to succeed in the MVNO market.

“Our technological prowess and flexibility make us a key partner for any business, old or new, to break into the market. We are confident in our solutions’ resilience since COVID-19 has not impacted our activity as MVNO enablers.”

BT Wholesale MVNO director Nick Wooten added: “It’s exciting to see Transatel continue to grow its portfolio offering connectivity to more UK clients through MVNO brands.

“Our joint-partnership spans well over a decade and enables Transatel to empower its clients with the largest and most reliable network in the UK.

“As we’ve seen this past year through the pandemic, network resilience has been absolutely critical to the success of businesses not only navigating through the uncertainty but allowing them to thrive well after.”

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