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The UK ranks as second most 5G-sceptic nation

Paul Lipscombe
February 23, 2021

Online searches reveal Brits to be unsure about the next generation network technology

The UK is the second most sceptical nation in the world when it comes to 5G, according to online data.

Research carried out by Prolifics Testing has revealed that only the United States is more concerned about 5G.

The report assessed 155 nations based on their internet searches in relation to 5G, amid a year where Covid-19 conspiracy theories swept the internet.

It found that Brits search 93,400 times a month on average about the safety of 5G.

Prolifics Testing classified and grouped searches that occurred multiple times on Google, such as ‘Is 5G dangerous?’, ‘Is 5G harmful?’ and ‘Is 5G is the cause of the Covid-19 virus?’.

Only the United States with 374,700 average searches per month recorded a higher number.

Conspiracy theories

Scepticism of 5G grew last year during the earlier stages of the coronavirus pandemic, with many people wrongly sharing Covid-19 conspiracies online linking 5G as the cause.

In the UK telco workers have been attacked by people due to these conspiracy theories as anti-5G misinformation went viral online.

In one instance a man from Merseyside was jailed for an attack on a telephone mast, after listening to online conspiracy theories and jailed for three years.

Despite the scepticism of 5G from a minority, all four major mobile network operators have launched and continue to expand 5G rollout in the UK

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