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Uplands in ‘Joined Up Comms’ rebrand

Paul Withers
March 1, 2011

B2B dealer rebrands as Uplands Joined Up Communications in a move to distinguish itself from its competitors

B2B dealer Uplands has rebranded as Uplands Joined Up Communications in a move it claimed would make it unique from its competitors and clarify the concept of unified communications to customers.

The overhaul from the O2 Centre of Excellence partner, represents a firm commitment to the operator’s fixed-line proposition, Joined Up Communications.

The website, www.joined­, makes clear that a customer’s broadband, landline and mobile connections can now be managed by the same provider and they will receive all costs in one monthly bill from O2.

Uplands Joined Up Communications managing director Paul Hooper said: “Joined Up Communications is now more than ever what our business stands for; it was essential to make changes to our name, logo, image, advertising and marketing strategies to represent this. It aims to position the Uplands brand and to distinguish itself from others, creating a stronger voice in the industry.

“We wanted a unique and informative addition to our name, identity, character and personality, so we could deliver brand messages in an appropriate way by confirming credibility, getting connected with our prospects and sustaining relationships with customers, whilst having a brand that attracted business opportunities.”

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