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Virgin Media O2 hits a century on the Shared Rural Network

Staff Reporter
February 14, 2024

Virgin Media O2 has installed its 100th site under the £1 billion Shared Rural Network (SRN) programme.

The SRN  initiative is a partnership between the Government and mobile network operators aimed at extending 4G coverage to 95 per cent of the UK by the end of next year..

Nearly 80 of the sites are in Scotland’s remote areas including Shetland, Ardross, and Argyll and Bute, alongside 19 in rural England and three in Northern Ireland.

The latest milestone was the deployment of 4G masts to the Isle of Skye iinvolving helicopter deliveries to bring connectivity to s the most isolated regions.

Three and Vodafone will share the sites enhancing mobile coverage at 146 rural locations.

Jeanie York, Chief Technology Officer at Virgin Media O2, emphasissd the company’s commitment to overcoming geographical and logistical challenges to connect the UK’s most remote corners.

York: commitment to overcoming geographical and logistical challenges

“Our investment reflects our dedication to delivering fast and reliable coverage nationwide, addressing the critical need for equal access to digital services for everyone, regardless of location,” she said..

As Virgin Media O2 continues its rollout, more communities are expected to join the growing list of beneficiaries in the near future, further closing the gap in the UK’s urban-rural digital divide.

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