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Virgin Media O2 installing defibrillators in 200 stores

Staff Reporter
January 19, 2023

The partnership is with the British Heart Foundation 

Virgin Media O2 is installing defibrillators in 200 stores throughout the country. The equipment is being registered on BHF’s National Defibrillator Network, The Circuit, which enables 999 call handlers to quickly direct paramedics to nearby stores in an emergency. 

Virgin Media O2 will also be installing video screens outside its all stores to run promo films urging more people to learn CPR. The screens are expected to be seen by millions of UK shoppers. The network has also been training more staff in CPR, and hundreds of employees are taking part in online sessions and in-person training.

VIrgin Media O2 staff to be trained in CPR

Data charges to access the BHF’s website have been scrapped. Customers can access the charity’s free, interactive 15-minute CPR training programme without using any of their mobile data allowances. Downloading the NHS GoodSAM app is also free. The app is used to alert nearby first responders when someone is suffering a cardiac arrest.

We’re using our national network of High Street stores to improve access to life-saving defibrillators and make a real difference to the communities we serve. It’s not just in stores where we hope we can make an impact; we’ve trained hundreds of our people in lifesaving CPR and zero-rated the BHF website and GoodSam app, so millions more people can learn vital skills or offer help in an emergency without using any of their data” said Virgin Media O2 chief commercial officer Gareth Turpin.

Turpin: “a real difference to the communities we serve”

Virgin Media O2 and BHF worked together in November 2021 when more than 500 BHF front-line staff were trained in CPR with each first responder receiving a portable defibrillator for their company vehicle. The network says the collaboration has brought more than 700 defibrillators closer to the public in stores or vans and claims this has already led to several lives being saved.

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