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Virgin Media O2 records highest ever data traffic peak for Premier League final

Megan Robinson
May 24, 2022

A huge surge in traffic was record as Manchester City and Liverpool fought for the title

The final day of the Premier League on Sunday caused the highest ever data traffic peak on the Virgin Media O2 mobile network.

All football matches were played at the same time which resulted in fans using their phones to stream, socialise and check scores.

Virgin Media O2 customers caused a 10 per cent increase in mobile data traffic across the country compared to the same time last week.

Virgin Media O2 head of network experience Emma Evans said: “We’ve invested heavily in our network to ensure we can keep customers connected during busy times such as this, and I’m proud that we’ve helped fans enjoy the day by watching and sharing their experiences. 

“As a Leeds fan myself, I was riding a wave of emotions throughout the afternoon so I know how people across the UK were relying on their mobile devices to stay updated.”

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