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Voda confirms OneNet Express, 1m Europe OneNet users

Mobile News
October 15, 2010

Multi-million pound marketing campaign launches today, as Vodafone confirms cut-down OneNet service and millionth OneNet customer

Vodafone UK has confirmed launch of its cut-down One Net Express unified communications proposition for small businesses.

It launches with it, starting today (October 15), a multi-million pound marketing campaign around its two small-business unified communications propositions, OneNet and OneNet Express. The pair sit alongside its full-blow corporate offer, Vodafone One.

Vodafone said it has signed its millionth customer to OneNet across its European territories.

OneNet Express, like its sister products, combines landline and mobile calls, allowing customers to collect calls on either a mobile phone or a fixed line, depending on convenience.

However, the new service utilises only 3G connectivity, dispensing with the requirement for businesses to junk their fixed line voice and broadband contracts in tandem to sign to the fuller OneNet solution. It is aimed at businesses of up to 10 staff, and will be sold via Vodafone’s dealer channel primarily.

OneNet Express will offer the same PBX functionality as OneNet – airtime, single number calling, geographical number, managed diverts, call recording, ‘hunt’ groups, hold music – on a single bill. Deskphones running over 3G, with SIM cards installed, will be available also.

The service will be pushed with Vodafone’s Sure Signal femtocell product to boost office 3G coverage.

Also, OneNet Express will not incur installation or standing charges, and monthly line rental is around £55 per user – compared with £500, £100 and around £65 in charges, respectively, for OneNet Express.

Vodafone UK enterprise director Peter Kelly (pictured) said: “With our trio of unified communications solutions, we have a family of unique, simple and effective services to help transform the communications of any size of business, deliver tangible cost savings and improve customer experience.

“Customers tell us these services positively impact their bottom line by improving results and delivering cost savings. This market is taking off because companies can now be more responsive to their customers and spend more time focused on their own business.”

Vodafone’s One and OneNet propositions, providing hosted fixed and mobile communications solutions, utilise its IP Centrex telephony system for integration of mobile and fixed line handsets.

Analyst IDC said in August: “We see this market taking off over the forecast period. IP Centrex is the fastest-growing IP voice service in Western Europe, and it is expected to be worth $3.6 billion (‚¬2.6bn) in 2014.  This is a compound annual growth rate of 47 per cent in the period. ”

Vodafone business service director Tom Craig said: “Vodafone has taken a leadership position in this emerging market for cloud telephony. This market is taking off because customers can now be more responsive to business enquiries, manage their communications costs more efficiently and – being a hosted solution – they can spend more time focused on their own business.

“The service enables smaller companies to compete alongside their larger rivals by giving them all the call handling capabilities they will need without a significant financial outlay. In addition, it offers a transparent, per-user charging model across both fixed and mobile phones.”

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