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Vodafone adds 28 destinations to WorldTraveller roaming plan

Alex Yau
December 9, 2015

New destinations include Morocco, Turks & Caicos and Uruguay

Vodafone has added 28 new destinations to its WorldTraveller and EuroTraveller roaming bundles, bringing the total destinations up to 98.

Vodafone customers who take out either roaming package for £3 extra per day will get charged the same UK rate for minutes, texts and data whilst abroad. There is no charge on received calls or texts. Countries added include Morocco, Turks & Caicos and Uruguay.

The network has also added 54 new destinations to its Vodafone Business Traveller plan. Vodafone’s Business Traveller plan works in the same way as the WorldTraveller and EuroTraveller packages, charging selected business customers the same UK rates for texts, minutes and data whilst abroad. Australia, India and the United Arab Emirates are amongst the new countries added to the Business Traveller Package.

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