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Vodafone gold partners upset by 29pc target rise

Mobile News
July 18, 2011

Dealers say the operator did not warn them of “unjustified” rise in targets and now fear they will be demoted to silver status

Vodafone’s second tier, gold partners, have expressed their concerns after their quarterly targets were increased without warning.

Dealers claim they were alerted to the changes without any form of consultation earlier this month. Many gold dealers claim the rise is unjustified and will almost certainly see them demoted to Vodafone’s lowest tier.

Vodafone is understood to have increased new connection targets for gold partners by almost 30 per cent, from 35 to 45 per month. Gold partners are also now targeted on connecting a minimum of five One Net deals with at least 12 connections each year. Data packages £5 or under will no longer count towards their targets, it’s claimed.

Monthly billing revenue by March next year also has to be greater than it was at the start of the financial year last April.

Dealers have criticised what they see as Vodafone’s decision to abandon more sensible and sustainable targets in favour of a ‘numbers game’.

One dealer said: “It goes on about how it wants capability and revenue growth, but it seems it now all boils down to connection numbers again. You either reach your targets or you’re penalised heavily, which is just not right.”

Another dealer said: “Vodafone is behaving as it did in the past and is losing its understanding of new business activity.

“You simply can’t have a strategy based on connection numbers; surely ARPU and quality is more important. There is no mutual respect between Vodafone and its dealers.”

A Vodafone spokesperson said: “It’s always been part of the Vodafone Partner Programme for performance KPIs to reflect the overall strategy and targets of Vodafone.

“All gold partners have been accredited on One Net and will be supported in terms of training, access to dedicated One Net partner management and backed with a large above-the-line campaign.

“One Net is a key service for Vodafone and our gold partners, who are seen as an essential part in ensuring the success of this unique and exclusive proposition.”

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