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Vodafone launches 5G for PAYG customers

Paul Lipscombe
February 20, 2020

Vodafone offers 5G across 108 locations in Europe, more than any other operator

Vodafone has today (February 20) launched 5G pay as you go (PAYG) plans for all of its customers. 

The operator’s 5G network went live in July last year in seven cities, but has since expanded to 40 towns and cities across the UK, with no premium charged for the service. 

Vodafone UK Chief Executive Officer Nick Jeffery said: “We want to enable our customers to do what they want when they want – our Unlimited plans do just that. 

Launching a contract-free 5G Unlimited plan will give more people the opportunity to experience the next generation of speed and connectivity without being committed to a contract – giving them the power to be as flexible as they want.”

Across Europe, no other operator has 5G live in as many locations as Vodafone, with 108 locations supporting the last generation of connectivity, according to the operator. 

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