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Vodafone to offer unlimited data plans to large business and public sector customers

Saf Malik
January 21, 2020

The network has announced tailored tariffs for both sets of customers

Vodafone has today announced that they have become the first network to offer unlimited data plans to large businesses and public sector customers.

The network says this will enable them to provide employees with unlimited data, minutes and texts each month.

The Vodafone Business Unlimited tariff will cater to the needs of large businesses while the Public Sector Inclusive Unlimited tariff has been tailored for organisations in the public sector.

Vodafone’s unlimited tariffs will offer customers unlimited data and 5G at the same price as 4G and will remove limits on mobile data as a barrier to productivity.

Vodafone Business UK director Anne Sheehan said: “Our large business and public sector customers tell us they don’t want to have to predict how much data their employees will use.

“Today, we are making it simple for them with the flexibility and peace of mind that the Vodafone Business Unlimited tariffs provide.

“And we are committed to helping our customers take advantage of 5G by offering 5G for the same price as 4G. We want to help UK organisations become global leaders and believe 5G will play an important role in achieving this aim.”

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