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Vodafone readies new OneNet Express offer

Michael Garwood
September 1, 2010

Vodafone to release a reduced version of its OneNet unified comms package called OneNet Express, intended for much broader distribution

Vodafone is set to launch OneNet Express, a cut-down version of its OneNet unified communications package for SMEs, for customers who do not have a fixed line, or who do not wish to change their fixed line provider.

OneNet Express will utilise only 3G connectivity, dispensing with the requirement for users to junk  their fixed line voice and broadband contracts in tandem to sign to the fuller OneNet solution.

OneNet Express will offer the same PBX functionality as OneNet – airtime, single number calling, geographical number, managed diverts, call recording, hold music – on a single bill. Deskphones running over 3G, with SIM cards installed, will be available also.

The service will be pushed with Vodafone’s Sure Signal femtocell product to boost office 3G coverage.

Commercial details are to be confirmed still, and will vary between resellers and customers.

However, typically, cost of site survey and installation of OneNet is around £2,000, but subsidised at closer £500 by Vodafone, plus a £100 standing charge and around £65 per month per line.

OneNet Express will not incur installation or standing charges, and monthly line rental is around £55 per user.

Vodafone refused to comment.

Vodafone’s trio of unified communications systems hit different market segments; its One system is pitched at corporations, its OneNet product at medium-sized businesses and OneNet Express at smaller clients, typically.

Sales processes become less involved with each as client bases are smaller and functionality is less.

A multi-site OneNet service is expected shortly too, allowing businesses with satellite offices to synchronise communications. It is a single-site solution only, at present.

Dealers claim OneNet and OneNet Express can boost their ARPU by around 50 per cent, whilst saving the customer more than 20 per cent.

The new service is intended to sell in higher contract numbers, and with OneNet, go up against O2’s Joined Up.

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