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Wileyfox on track to hit two million device shipments

Manny Pham
August 3, 2017

Manufacturer now has a presence in 20 counties and has eight major retail deals in the UK 

Wileyfox is on course to surpass its two million global shipment target by the end of 2017 after expanding into new territories and lining up partnerships in time for Christmas.

The London-based challenger manufacturer reached the milestone of 500,000 last November, and has pinned its growth to an ever-expanding presence in emerging markets.

Its devices are now sold in more than 20 countries, including the UK, Bahrain, Balkans Czech Republic, Iran, Qatar, Russia, Saudi Arabia, Slovakia, United Arab Emirates and the Ukraine.

Retail deals

Wileyfox has eight major retail agreements in the UK, with partners being Asda, Argos, Sainsbury’s Tesco and Carphone Warehouse.

Although he declined to reveal names, Wileyfox CEO Michael Coombes (pictured) confirmed to Mobile News that two operator and two retail dealers have been struck in the UK.

Coombes said: “We’re definitely on target to hit two million devices. We’re growing into a lot of new regions and we’re evolving the team in lots of places and changing the focus.

“Our new partners are famous names and will become a part of the stable of the major partners we currently work with that drive the most of our volume.

“There are new players in the market, but we see the more established tier one manufacturers as competition. We’ve seen a lot of new brands come and then disappear quite quickly unless they work on the finer details like Wileyfox has.”

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