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Xiaomi needs more brand awareness to succeed in UK

Megan Robinson
May 3, 2022

The Chinese vendor needs to stand out in tough market 

Xiaomi needs to create more awareness of its brand to maintain a long-term top three position in the UK market, say analysts.

The Chinese manufacturer has said it wants to secure third position in the UK smartphone market, which it thinks would mean around five per cent market share.

Xiaomi achieved third place in Q2 last year in the UK, but slipped to fourth position in Q3 2021 and hasn’t been in the top three since.

PP Foresight tech, media and telco analyst Paolo Pescatore says there isn’t enough consumer awareness of Xiaomi in the UK yet to keep it consistently in the top three.

“Establishing a brand and standing out in a cut-throat market will be critical,” he says.

“Expect big marketing campaigns and relying on key partnerships to raise awareness to form a part of key strategies moving forward.

“Standing out in a crowded market, with affordable prices across the portfolio, will be paramount.”

Counterpoint research associate director Jan Stryjak believes other brands may have an edge on Xiaomi for now due to sponsoring high-profile events.

“Xiaomi is still not that widely recognised in the UK,” he says.

“Xiaomi needs to boost its visibility through marketing and potential sponsorship deals of its own if it is to grow.”

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