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BT’s restructure: What it means for EE

James Pearce
February 1, 2016

Telecoms giant has announced how it will integrate the mobile operator into its wider business following its £12.5 billion acquisition

BT has laid bare its plans for EE after unveiling corporate restructure plans which will come into effect in April. But what does the restructure mean for EE’s 26 million mobile customers, EE’s broadband base and EE’s partners? Mobile News takes a look:

EEre to stay

After much speculation, BT has announced plans to retain the EE brand. EE, which was launched as an individual brand in 2012 following the launch of its 4G services, has grown massively in brand recognition thanks to a range of ads with Kevin Bacon, along with sponsorship of WEmbley and Glastonbury.

BT said it will keep the EE brand, but will use it as it’s main consumer mobile hub. It will be one of six divisions within BT, and is now being led by CMO Mark Allera, who replaced Olaf Swantee as CEO.

(Give me) EE and TV

Over the last few years, EE has expanded its range of services to include broadband and TV, but BT said it has no plans to axe these additions. Instead, they will continue to be ran under the EE brand.

New structure means new roles

Inevitably, a takeover means there will be changes in management at the operator. Olaf Swantee has stepped down as CEO but remains the company in an advisory role, with EE confirming leave “later this year.”

Joining Swantee in his departure will be EE CMO Pippa Dunn and chief financial officer Neal Milsom.

Marc Allera has stepped up to the role of CEO at the EE division of BT. EE’s chief marketing officer (non-consumer mobile) Gerry McQuade has also been given his own division to head up. He will become CEO of BT’s Wholesale and Ventures division.

EE’s CTO Fotis Karonis will also take on a senior role in BT’s Technology, Services and Operations division, as well as becoming CIO for EE.

What about B2B?

EE’s B2B division will be folded in to BT’s new Business and Public Sector division. This will serve businesses of all sizes, plus BT’s public sector contracts, and will be headed up by Graham Sutherland. BT has yet to disclose how this fits with EE’s existing B2B partners.

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