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400 to get Sellfone upgrade

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July 6, 2010

Latest version of Shebang’s Sellfone 3G EPOS system, Sellfone Speedpoint, to do away with need for physical customer identity proofs

Specialist distributor Shebang is to roll out its upgraded Sellfone 3G EPOS system, called Sellfone SpeedPoint, to trade customers in the next weeks.

The firm claims the new web-based version of Sellfone will allow retailers to connect customers in three minutes, compared with 20-30 minute transactions that are normal for contract connections.

It complies with minimum requirements by all network operators, and works with CV2, AVS, chip and PIN security checks, as well as the Equifax prompt system utilised by Orange.

“SpeedPoint is intended to make faster and more efficient the transaction process in store, after the sales consultation has completed. It is a web-based system that takes care of the entire transaction, from start to finish, in three minute,” said Shebang managing director Iain Humphrey (pictured).

“It complies with all network requirements for customer checking. There is no other system that can process contract connections as quickly.”

Shebang’s Sellfone system is installed in around 400 UK dealership outlets, including JAG and Get Connected, the biggest independent chains.

SpeedPoint has launched already in the company’s Go Mobile
retail outlets, and will roll out to its Go Mobile Southwest stores (formerly Intek), as well as JAG and Get Connected in coming weeks.

It is available as a free software upgrade to existing clients, and will be installed as standard for new clients.

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