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Channel complains of faulty Nokia N8s

Paul Withers
November 24, 2010

Dealers and repair centres claim high returns on new Nokia N8 handsets after software issues, but Nokia denies concern with the handset

Nokia has denied knowledge of technical problems on its N8 handset, despite several dealers, repair centres and customers complaining of problems with the device just three weeks after its launch.

A Nokia spokesperson said: “We are unaware of issues with the  Nokia N8. We are pleased with both sales of the device and reaction to it.”

But dealers claimed differently, citing issues with the handset freezing with certain functions, and also rebooting itself intermittently.

One dealer said: “I have had half returned. I’ve seen the problems first hand. The phone freezes and reboots itself. My local Nokia service centre says it is seeing a number in for repair also.”

Another said: “As is the way with Nokia, the N8 has decent hardware and terrible software. It had real potential, but I’m reluctant to recommend it now.”

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