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Doro launches second UK TV campaign

Mobile News
November 23, 2010

Swedish manufacturer looks to strengthen sales within senior market after initial advertising campaign harvested 52 per cent uplift

Swedish manufacturer Doro has launched its second UK TV advertising campaign to raise sales of its handsets in the UK and Ireland, via Orange, Carphone Warehouse and Curry’s.

Doro, which produces handsets for the senior market, will promote its manufacturing values in the new campaign: the ease-of-use and functional design of its devices.

Separate commercials will trail each of its high street retail partners.

Doro said its first television campaign in the UK, which ran in July,saw sales jump 52 per cent as a result. It said it expects similar success from the new campaign.

“We decided to continue momentum with this new investment,” said Doro UK and Ireland managing director Chris Millington.

“The new wave of activity will support a wider spread of key retail partners and help to drive awareness of our products as an accessible solution for the senior mobile user.”

Marketing will be supported also by online activity, with adverts on a range of web media popular with the 60-plus demographic.

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