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O2 apologises for retail pay error

Paul Withers
November 9, 2010

O2 staff were paid incorrectly at the end of October after a systems error miscalculated Q3 bonuses

O2 said last week an error calculating staff bonuses for the third quarter will be put right to prevent staff being paid incorrectly again. O2 staff were paid incorrectly at the end of October after miscalculated Q3 bonuses, resulting in staff being either underpaid or overpaid.

O2 said the error was down to its new bonus structure at the beginning of the quarter, and its retail and finance team was investigating. Staff have been instructed the error will be corrected in their November pay packet.

Some staff said the error is a result of O2 “over-complicating” bonuses.

One staffer said: “It used to be a simple case of hit your targets on prepay, contract and insurance, pass mystery shop and earn a targeted amount. So many things are factored in now such as iPhone sales, business sales, individual mystery shop, accessory attachment rates. I can check the figures all I like but I never really know exactly what I will get. If O2 hadn’t contacted me I would have been none the wiser. It needs to be changed.”

An O2 spokesperson said: “We made a mistake in O2 Retail Q3 bonus calculations this month. Those people affected received an email on Friday from the head of O2 retail in which he has apologised and which explains what has happened and how we plan to correct the error.”

O2 head of retail Richard Baylis emailed staff: ”We introduced a new structure around bonus calculations at the beginning of Q3, unfortunately an error occurred during the final calculation which means that incorrect bonuses were paid.

“The retail and finance teams are working closely together to investigate each team member’s bonus payment.

“I’m very sorry this has happened and realise it may cause you some inconvenience and concern. What I can assure you is that the problem has been identified and steps have been put in place to make sure this doesn’t happen for future bonus payments.”

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