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Daisy Wholesale aiming to increase turnover to £70m

Paul Withers
April 15, 2011

Acquisition strategy to take a back seat this year in favour of organic growth as company looks to grow turnover by 27 per cent

Daisy Wholesale will look to grow turnover by 27 per cent to £70 million by 2012 as a result of organic growth rather than continuing to pursue an aggressive acquisition strategy.

Over the past 12 months Daisy Wholesale has bought Your Network Solutions, Cole Robert, Murphx and more recently in February, O-bit Telecom.

The company said all acquisitions except that of O-bit Telecom have so far been fully integrated into the business, with the focus this year on growing organically. O-bit Telecom is expected to be fully integrated into Daisy Wholesale within the next few months.

Daisy Wholesale managing director Carl Churchill said: “We come into this financial year as a £55 million run rate business with over 1,000 resellers. We’ll never say never to acquisitions but there is nothing immediately around the corner for us.

“We’ve grown a lot acquisitively over recent months but the important thing for us now is looking back into the business and driving organic growth. We now have fantastic cross-selling opportunities due to the size of the reseller base we’ve amassed. It’s now about focusing on a strong and loyal customer base.”

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