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Orange to launch Pocket Mobile FMC product

Michael Garwood
December 20, 2010

Everything Everywhere refines its B2B play, Orange takes B2B lead over T-Mobile and ‘Pocket Mobile’ FMC product is set to launch

Everything Everywhere has made its first aggressive move in the B2B market with launch of a FMC product for SMEs. It has also set about redefining its Orange and T-Mobile brands in the sector, with Orange numbers reserved for all serious-sized business accounts.

The joint-venture company will launch Pocket Landline  for Orange business customers in February. It works like O2’s defunct Mobile Landline product, which was pulled with the liquidation of supplier GoHello in January.

Pocket Landline will let businesses create a ‘mobile office’ and a geographic fixed line number that diverts to their mobile phone as necessary. Fixed line users will be able to transfer their BT number to the product.

Meanwhile, Orange and T-Mobile airtime distributors have been instructed to put all connections of 50 lines and above to Orange, and to keep back only sub-50 accounts for T-Mobile. It has been suggested business customers with 50 or more connections on T-Mobile will have their accounts transferred to Orange at upgrade.

From 2011 Everything Everywhere will restructure its distribution management team, which will see a single business manager represent both brands instead of two as previous.

Orange business manager Lisa Dawson and T-Mobile business manager Lee Wales are leaving their current roles with the restructure. New business managers for all regions will be announced this week.

Alongside Pocket Landline, the firm is preparing to launch T-Mobile fixed line broadband for consumers and small businesses in the first half of 2011.

T-Mobile is now selling Orange fixed broadband in certain stores.  Orange has offered fixed line since 2005, following parent France Telecom’s purchase  of French ISP Wanadoo.

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