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Daisy launches dealer incentive with Vodafone and Sony

Paul Withers
October 13, 2014

Dealers will receive a £50 bonus for every Sony Xperia Z3 Compact smartphone connected to a Vodafone 4G price plan 

Daisy Distribution has launched an that will dealers receive £50 for every Sony Xperia Compact Z3 smartphone they connect to one of Vodafone’s 4G tariffs.

The incentive runs throughout October, but in anticipation of its success, the airtime distributor is lining up a second delivery o0f stock to ensure it can meet the full demand from all of its connecting Vodafone partners.

Daisy Distribution marketing director Julien Parven (pictured) said: “Vodafone has developed its 4G network in such a way that it can now boast great breadth and depth of coverage across the whole of the UK and has a proposition that is ideally suited to the small and medium business market.

“This incentive presents a much better commercial proposition for our partners, one which I hope they will take full advantage of.”

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