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Accenture sounds technology warning to stop businesses falling behind

Megan Robinson
December 22, 2021

The evolution of 5G, AI and cloud will support businesses in the future

Accenture warns that companies could go bust if they don’t start implementing innovative new technologies.

Andrew Walker, the new senior managing director and global communications and media lead at Accenture, has been working with global clients to help them adapt to new technologies and remote working throughout the pandemic.


He talked of the evolution we will see over the upcoming months and years in technologies including 5G, AI and cloud technologies.

“AI and cloud enable telcos to use all the data at their disposal to become more customer-centric and customer-friendly,” said Walker.

“You can start to use that superfast connection to connect to the cloud and have the cloud monitoring every aspect of the production chain.

“AI and the cloud can be monitoring this because it’s all networked in, so you can improve things like worker safety, reduce your error rate, speed up the production line, and you end up with higher-quality, safer, more productive facilities.”

Walker estimates that only 15 to 20 per cent of companies are deploying these technologies, and those who haven’t risk being left behind.

This new technology will create an even bigger demand for fibre and 5G, which are already providing a key role in society.

Digital divide

Walker highlighted how fast broadband enables us to work from home and spend less time polluting the environment, and that 5G can shorten the digital divide if subsidies are put in place to ensure affordability.

He added that companies and telcos will be at a competitive disadvantage without 5G, AI and cloud, and need to set up an operating model that is open to “pulling in, testing and trying out different ideas.”

“They’re relying on themselves to figure it out, which I think worked in the 1980s,” said Walker. “But as technology gets more complex, you’re better off having an ecosystem that is focused on engagement and partnerships.

“Figuring out how that ecosystem can work becomes really important for comms companies and it’s an area where I think they can improve.”

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