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Cat smartphones to offer advanced GPS tracking for lone workers

Saf Malik
May 12, 2021

Peoplesafe app will help locate workers in remote locations

Cat rugged smartphones will offer a lone worker service after global licensee, Bullitt Group entered a strategic partnership with Peoplesafe.

The Peoplesafe app is now available on Cat phones full UK range of rugged smartphones via the integrated Toolbox catalogue which helps customer discovery and easy installation of relevant apps and content.

The app provides enhanced location information to locate workers in remote locations and includes fall detection capabilities to automatically raise an alarm.

The Peoplesafe smartphone app uses military specification hardware and 24/7 emergency support from the Peoplesafe Alarm Receiving Centre (ARC) to pinpoint location more precisely than traditional GPS tracking.

Peoplesafe CEO Naz Dossa said: “Workers using Cat phones are already taking advantage of smartphones with industry leading rugged credentials.

“Our lone worker services offer them an additional layer of protection, providing peace of mind as they carry out their work, with instant support in case of emergency.

“By working with industry-leading technology partners, such as Cat phones, we can continue to develop innovative, sector-specific solutions that mitigate employee risk and support high levels of duty of care.”

Bullitt Group CEO Nathan Vautier added: “Many Cat phones customers work independently, or in remote or potentially hazardous environments.

“For organisations with employees working in these settings, a dependable rugged smartphone with the Peoplesafe app that can raise alerts if help is needed, is a powerful and valuable combination that can improve employee safety for our UK customers.”

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