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Xiaomi removed from US government blacklist

Paul Lipscombe
May 12, 2021

Xiaomi had been placed on the list in January

The US government has agreed to remove Chinese smartphone vendor Xiaomi from its military blacklist.

It comes as a court ruling found that the US Department of Defence (DoD) has agreed to work with Xiaomi and put an end in to the ongoing legal row.

Xiaomi disputed the original decision from the US government to place restrictions on the vendor back in the January and pushed ahead with legal action against the ruling.

The company was put on the list, amid concerns it has ties with the Chinese State or military. This is something Xiaomi has continuously denied.

Being on the blacklist saw Xiaomi restricted to the business it could do in the US, with American companies banned from investing in Xiaomi.

Similar restrictions still apply to rival Chinese smartphone brand Huawei, with Xiaomi overtaking Huawei for third spot for smartphone shipments during Q1.

According to Canalys figures, Xiaomi shipped 49 million units during Q1 2021, with the vendor expanding heavily in Western Europe.

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