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CWU slams Virgin Media for “unsurprising” job cuts

James Pearce
January 22, 2016

Union claims broadband provider has a history of promising investment but cutting jobs and outsourcing roles

The Communication Workers Union has said it is not surprised by Virgin Media’s announcement that it is set to axe up to 900 roles over the next two years.

The CWU claimed Virgin has a history of talking up its investment plans, but a record that shows cuts to direct labour jobs and support for outsourcing roles.

The union promised to support members who are left at risk of redundancy after the broadband provider said it would launch a consultation with impacted workers, who could lose their jobs as part of a company-wide restructure.

CWU assistant secretary John East said: “In the recent past the CWU has had to support the installers forced to accept pay cuts and worse terms as Virgin parcelled up their work to over seven subcontractors.

“We are in the middle of an Employment Tribunal over changes affecting access planners, which resulted in redundancies for many and fundamental changes for the remainder. Every announcement Virgin makes is bad news for their workforce.”

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