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EE launches nationwide in-store superfast repair service

Megan Robinson
May 11, 2022

Brits wait an average of seven weeks to get their phones repaired

EE reveals its new two-hour repair service as research reveals Brits are 46 per cent more likely to smash their phone screens in the summer.

The research also showed that nearly a quarter of the public look down on someone with a smashed phone.

Beer gardens are the most common place for screen smashes amongst younger adults, and those aged 35-54 are most likely to smash their phone after handing it to a child.

EE is encouraging people to use its in-store same-day repair service which is available to anyone on any network, as the research shows 60pc of people prefer replacing a broken phone with a brand new one.

Customers with Apple, Google and Samsung devices can have them fixed in 218 stores across the UK in as little as two hours, or collect the phone the next day.

Previously, repairs would take an average of six hours.

EE managing director of commercial Bridget Lea said: “Our superfast in-store repair  service means customers can avoid the shame of a smashed screen and get back to enjoying the summer within a few hours.

“Choosing to repair, reuse and recycle also means we’re all doing our part to help address the rising e-waste challenge.”

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