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Three UK updates phone donation scheme to support Ukranians seeking refuge in the UK

Megan Robinson
May 10, 2022

The Reconnected programme will provide connectivity to the 1.9 million UK households without internet access

Three has developed its Reconnected programme with new partnerships to support Ukrainian refugees displaced due to war, unemployment and social mobility.

Reconnected will allow customers to donate their old phones which Three, in partnership with Genuine Solutions, repackages with unlimited data, texts and calls for six months.

These devices will go to Ukrainians seeking refuge in the UK, and those seeking employment, disadvantaged students and other vulnerable groups facing digital exclusion can also benefit for this scheme.

The programme focuses on three parents who can help tackle key issues of society today: Good Things Foundation, Business in the Community, and LetsLocalise.

Three chief commercial officer Elaine Carey said: “So many of us take our phones and our connectivity for granted. We must remember that there are more than a million households in the UK that do not have this luxury. 

“Our Reconnected programme is all about ensuring disadvantaged people can get connected quickly and easily.” 

Genuine Solutions director Gurjit Dhillon added: “We’re encouraging people not only to donate their old ones when they upgrade, but to dig out smartphones hidden away in drawers and ensure they are either donated to one of our key charities – or refurbished or recycled. 

“This way we can ensure your phone either goes to someone in critical need of it, can be given a new lease of life, or be sustainably recycled.” 

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