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Exertis confirms it will go on as a Huawei distributor

Elliot Mulley-Goodbarne
October 23, 2018

Distributor will continue to provide all Huawei products

Exertis has confirmed that it will continue to distribute all Huawei products in the consumer and B2B markets.

This follows a story run by Mobile News which claimed that the Chinese manufacturer had signed an exclusive distribution deal with Westcoast last month.

However, in a statement Exertis said: “We are proud to be a distribution partner for Huawei, serving both the consumer and B2B markets across their complete product range.”

Exertis also named Huawei as a key partner in the B2B market programmes it runs such as device-as-a-service.

In the statement, Exertis said that it is “well positioned” to improve Huawei’s standing in the B2B market.

Long Standing

Huawei UK consumer business group director Jeffery Ma said: “We value our long-standing relationship with Exertis and look forward to growing our business across the many different product categories we are bringing to the UK market for consumers and business users alike.”

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